Classic rolled arm sofa group perfect for any room in your home. Get a cottage feel with this "timeless" style. Slipcovered furniture is great for families and gives you the flexibility to wash your fabric when needed. "Available in over 300 washable fabrics"



  • Slipcoved


Product Information:

  • Custom configure the sectional of your choice - contact one of our Design Professionals for configuration and quote.

  • Available in over 300 washable fabrics.

  • Built in USA

  • Each Slipcover is sewn in multiple pieces for easy removal, cleaning, replacement, and tailoring. 

  • Our frames are constructed of 7/8" kiln-dried hardwood engineered. All wood cut on a C & C router. All frame joints are interlocked and glued for strength and durability. All wood joints are interlocked and glued.  Then we glue and nail corner blocks to reinforce the joint. Corners are block reinforced to provide extra stability for longevity.

  • Available slipcovered with skirt and upholstered both with and without a skirt. 

  • Precise sewing, hand tailoring, and surge stitching on all slipcovers.

  • Drop in coil spring construction standard


Madelyn Sectional - $5,150

Madelyn Right Side Facing 2 Cushion Sofa - $1,989

Size: L81"xD41"xH38"

    Madelyn Hexagon Wedge - $1,480

    Size: L58"xD58"xH38"

    Madelyn Left Side Facing 1/2 Sofa - $1,681

    Size: L45"xD41"xH38"

    Total Size: L139" Right Facing x L103" Left Facing


    ***Madelyn Sectional Components***


    Madelyn 2 Cushion Sofa Right/Left* - $1,989

    Size: L81"xD41"xH38" 


    Madelyn 2 Cushion Queen Sleeper Right/Left* - $2,404

    Size: L81"xD41"xH38"


    Madelyn 3 Cushion Right/Left* - $2,108

    Size: L81"xD41"xH38"


    Madelyn 3 Cushion Queen Sleeper Right/Left* - $2,522

    Size: L81"xD41"xH38" 


    Madelyn Loveseat Right/Left* - $1,788

    Size: L58"xD41"xH38"


    Madelyn Loveseat Sleeper Right/Left* - $2,203

    Size: L58"xD41"xH38"


    Madelyn Chair Left/Right - $1,433

    Size: L35"xD41"xH38"


    Madelyn Chaise Left/Right* - $1,799

    Size: L33"xD65"xH38"


    Madelyn 1/2 Sofa Right/Left - $1,681

    Size: L45"xD41"xH38"


    Madelyn Corner - $1,184

    Size: L40"xD40"xH38"


    Madelyn Hexagon Wedge - $1,480

    Size: L58"xD58"xH38"


    Madelyn Armless 2 Seat Sofa - $1,930

    Size: L70"xD41"xH38"


    Madelyn Armless 3 Seat Sofa - $2,049

    Size: L70"xD41"xH38"


    Madelyn Large Armless Loveseat - $1,729

    Size: L47"xD41"xH38"


    Madelyn Armless 1/2 Sofa - $1,622

    Size: L36"xD41"xH38"


    Madelyn Single Armless - $1,374

    Size: L24"xD41"xH38"

    Madelyn Sectional (As Shown in Photo)

    • Standard Cushions - Comfort Core cushions feature a 1.8 high resiliency foam surrounded by 2 ounces of comfortable slick polyester fiber. The cushions are secured with a high quality "three hundred thread count", UFAC approved, Down Proof ticking.
      Comfort Chic Cushion - 1.8 high resiliency foam for support. Fill envelope surrounds inner core and provides luxurious comfort. Chic blend fill comprised of Micro Denier Fiber called Trillium encased in a cotton ticking. Trillium is an alternate to down.

      Feather Blend Cushion - 1.8 high resiliency foam for support. Fill envelope surrounds inner core and provides luxurious comfort. Feather blend fill comprised of feather and down provide softness. Polyester fiber is also included to enhance resiliency and loft. 100% cotton cover adds comfort and retains fill.


      Comfort Chic and Feather Blend Cushions

      Sofa: $345

      Grande Sofa: $515

      XL Long Sofa: $575

      Townhouse Sofa: $333

      Loveseat: $325

      Chair: $287

      Chair 1/2: $310

      Chaise: $322

      1/2 Sofa: $310

      Corner Wedge: $287

      Hexagon Wedge: $322

      Modular Corner: $287