Abercrombie Slipcovers ONLY

Abercrombie Slipcovers ONLY


Cottage Replacement/Additional Slipcover Sofa Prices:


Abercrombie, Anna, Amherst, Ashford, Baldwin, Bannister, Bassett, Buckingham, Carter, Davenport, Dylan, Eaton, Elliott, Emerson, Erwin, Evans, Griffith, Halstead, Jenkins, Malone, Mitchell, Vanderbilt, and Zachary

  • Fabric Facts

    Nantuckit Washable Slipcovered Fabrics 

    Nantuckit Furniture Company offers almost 400+ high quality washable slipcovered fabrics. Each fabric is inspected, by hand, for quality before it ever gets close to your furniture.


    Our fabrics are grouped by grade. Grade 1 is our "price as shown grade" and 6 is our most expensive grade.


    Interestingly enough, fabric grade can have little to do with quality and/or durability. Higher fabric grades can be more durable. But, many of our most durable fabrics are grade 1. In many cases, a higher grade fabric has more to do with how it's made versus its quality or durability. 

    Higher grade fabrics may use more expensive fibers (linen for example) or have intricate patterns. A higher grade fabric is almost always more time consuming to produce. The extra labor needed to mill the fabric has an affect on the price.