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Welcome to Nantuckit Furniture Company. We're proud to offer the best quality custom furniture money can buy. If you need assistance, call 877-760-9375.

Nantuckit is a unique company. In 2005, we got our start in custom slipcovered furniture. Inspired by beautiful Nantucket island, off the coast of Massachusetts, we launched our company with custom slipcovered sofas, sectionals, and accent pieces. That's all we did. Today, we offer custom seating in all types. Each piece of Nantuckit furniture is made custom...for you. Create furniture to suit your tastes. Nantuckit furniture is available nationwide (our customers are in all 50 states) and shipped to your home from our locations in, Central North Carolina. Our company offices are located in Franklin, TN.

Why is Nantuckit spelled with an "I"? The answers to these and other FAQ's are here.

When you get down to it, our customers buy Nantuckit Furniture for the following reasons. First, the quality is outstanding and backed by a lifetime warranty. Secondly, you get value. We don't have printed catalogs, fancy showrooms, etc. so we can offer high quality furniture at very competitive prices. Finally, we do not collect sales tax for any order outside the state of TN.

We have some simple goals. They are to understand our customers, offer world class service, and deliver on products and promises that make the lives of our friends and customers better/easier. Give us a chance to earn your business. If you'd like to read some of our customer testimonials, click here.

If you have any questions, please use our customer service form or call us at 877-760-9375. Click here to visit our site map page.



1. How did Nantuckit get started and why do you spell Nantuckit with an "I"?
We just love Nantucket Island. It was the inspiration behind the idea for relaxed vacation/cottage style slipcovered furniture that makes you feel comfortable in every way. Because our company started as only a custom slipcovered furniture company, we wanted a name connected to the kind of furniture you find in vacation homes, cottage homes, and anywhere the mood is relaxed or the ability to clean the covers is a necessity. 12 years ago, when we started Nantuckit Furniture Company, LLC, Nantucket.com was taken by the local government of Nantucket. Yes, we could have had NantucketFurnitureCompany.com. It just seemed to long. For us, Nantuckit was a way to get a shorter domain name and still be able to pronounce the word the way it's correctly spelled. Sooo...that's what we did. Some think we did it intentionally because the "tuckit" part refers to how you tuck slipcovers in sometimes. That's not why we did it. Five years later, it's a part of who we are. We are all over the internet with customers in all 50 states and Canada and known as Nantuckit.com. We have great customer feedback and want to keep being found by anyone looking for lifetime warranty, USA made, beautiful, and custom slipcovered furniture (and now upholstered, outdoor, and custom leather furniture as well).


2. What is your 'lifetime warranty'?
Please go to our lifetime warranty page for more information.


3. How should I care for my slipcovers?
Cleaning Instructions

We recommed Professional Dry Cleaning on all fabrics to preserve color and for longevity of the fabric. When using any decorative trims or multiple fabrics on your slipcover, Professional Dry Cleaning is recommended. If you have a slipcover that is Pre-washed, please follow the Washing Instructions below. Washing InstructionsBe careful not to overload your washer.

  • Close all zippers on seats, backs, and throws to prolong seam life.

  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle with mild detergent.

  • Dry on low heat or air dry til damp.

  • Put back on piece while cover is slightly damp General Care Information To help extend the life of your slipcover, cushions, and frame you need to spend a little time to take care of your furniture.

  • Seat cushions and back pillows should be reversed regularly.

  • Seat cushions should be rotated from side to side.

  • Back pillows and throw pillows should be fluffed regularly.

  • Vacuum with a soft brush attachment to get excess dust and dirt.


4. Do you deliver to my door and bring the furniture into my home?
Yes. Our network of shipping companies will bring your Nantuckit Furniture into your home. They will unpack your furniture, carry a maximum of 2 flights of stairs, and remove packing materials.


5. Can I purchase the furniture online?
As much as we would like to have a shopping cart, there are just to many options. We've tried a shopping cart several times but it hasn't worked. We offer custom furniture with almost an unlimited number of choices. Give us a call to order (877.760.9375). We'll walk you through everything and make sure things are exactly as you want them and we won't high pressure you to buy upgrades or anything else for that matter.


6. What is the welt?
The welt, also known as piping, is the border around the edge of a slip cover. Nantuckit.com allows you to select a contrasting welt, if desired.


7. Do I pay sales tax on my purchase?
Our business is based in Tennessee. Only Tennessee customers will be charged sales tax.


8. How is denim different from other fabrics?
Denim is different by weight. Denim can come in different colors other than blue or black.


9. What is twill fabric?
Twill fabric is different because the stitching. The 'diagonal' stitching pattern makes the fabric stronger.


10. How do I determine what 'right side' and 'left side' mean with sectional pieces?
It depends on the sectional group. Some are as seated and some are as you face the piece. We are happy to help you work through how to configure your Nantuckit sectional.


11. Can I order swatches?
Yes. We have a FREE swatch program.


12. Do you have a store by me?
Currently everything we offer is only sold through our website.


13. Do you have a catalog you can mail me?
Our catalog is our website. Everything we have is online. Catalogs are very expensive to produce. We let our competition make catalogs. We make great furniture with a lifetime warranty and pass the savings, from not doing a catalog, onto our customers.


Have a question? Please use the following form or contact customer service.